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| Musikstudio Ohrpheo

Encounters and Counterpoints in New Music and the Theory of Simulation by Jean Baudrillard

Speaker | Jürgen Voigt
Piano | Andreas F. Staffel

"EnCounterpoints" in the New Music and the theory of the simulation with Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007). With subsequent panel discussion.

Participants: Pavlos Antoniadis (pianist & musicologist), Jan Gerdes (pianist), Marc Lippuner, (conductor Wabe), Julius Holtz (composition & sonic arts), Andreas F. Staffel (composer & pianist), Jürgen Voigt (moderation)

Location: Musikstudio Ohrpheo

Free admission (donations welcome)

"I am no longer able to 'reflect' anything, I can only push hypotheses to their limits, snatch them from the zone where they can be critically related to them, and let them get to the point There is no way back, and I let the theory enter the hyperspace of the simulation - it loses all objective validity in it, but perhaps gains in cohesion, it is like the system that surrounds us". (Baudrillard 1990)

n his lecture, the speaker Jürgen Voigt will investigate the "radical thinking" of the French theorist and will discuss contemporary music. In an open lecture we will later have discussions with artists of our Festival.

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Artistic direction and curation of the festival: Andreas F. Staffel

Das Musikkonzert von EnCounterpoints 2022 wird gefördert vom Bezirksamt Pankow